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January 3rd, 1996

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10:25 pm - Feedbacks
Please leave feedbacks here... :)
As you know, Positive/Neutral/Negative.
If there are problems I am ready to deal with it!

Traded but never recieved my end. Never replies. Her journal seems to be abandoned.

Traded orange/green skirt with her zipper top, sent my end, never recieved my end. Half year later I contacted her, and she said she forgot and tell her my address, but no reply anymore.

Traded something with her Sailor Moon CD. I asked if it's the orignial copy. She said yes. But it wasn't. It was a copy from Hong Kong. I told her the fact, she said she will refund me. No refunds. As I commented on her journal when will she refund it, she stopped to update.

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Date:March 28th, 2008 02:44 pm (UTC)
Got my Innocent World Frederick Party jumperskirt today, and it arrived earlier than I expected! It is in perfect condition, nicely packaged (it fit in my mail box... .___.;;) and it came with a cute ring and a thank you-letter!

Contact was wonderful, and the seller was extremely friendly putting up with my whining and monetary problems, thank you!

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